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8 Ways to Cozy Your Tent

8 Ways to Cozy Your Tent



 1. Start with a roomy tent.. but not too roomy

If you aren’t Backpacking and can have the luxury of bringing any size, choose a tent that’s +1 person than what you plan on using. For example, my boyfriend and I like to use a 3 Person tent. Don’t get one too large either though or it won’t be as ‘cozy’.


2. Cover your tent floor with a blanket

If you’re familiar with mink (faux) blankets then be sure to get one of those! Japanese and Korean markets may sell these. They are super thick fuzzy heavy blankets that come in all patterns and colors. If you don’t have access to one of these, try a few old comforters. Set this on the bottom of your tent floor.



3. Air mattress or sleeping pads

There is NO shame in using an air mattress when you’re camping, I don’t care what anyone else says! Being out in nature doesn’t mean you have to rough it. You’re out there to enjoy the outdoors and nature, which doesn’t mean that you have to sleep like you’re a hunter gatherer in 500bc.

I actually prefer sleeping pads as they don’t deflate overnight and don’t make a noise when you blow them up. It’s a matter of preference. If you have a low height tent, I’d recommend sleeping pads as those mattresses can be a little tall.



4. Bring your pillow

I won’t go on another rant but, why make it harder for you to sleep? Just bring the dang pillows. Believe me, everyone will be jealous.


5. Shoes stay outside

Needless to say, leave your boots and shoes outside the tent. If you are afraid of critters, stuff some socks in them. You’ve created this nice cozy floor at the bottom of your tent, let’s keep it clean.



6. Glow sticks

Bring glow sticks! They give minimal light so everyone outside can’t see the shadow of you trying, and struggling, to get your hiking pants off at the end of the night. You can usually stuff them into pockets on the side of the tent or hang one from the center ceiling. They give a nice ambiance to your private retreat.



7. Smart phone projector

Invest in a smart phone projector. Make sure that it doesn’t require being plugged into a wall, they do make some that are battery or chargeable so make sure to get one of those. If you don’t have a good viewing place in your tent to project to, you can always bring a sheet and hang it by clipping it to the ceiling of your tent so that it hangs or project to the outside of the tent. If you project right onto the wall, remember everyone outside can see what you’re watching!


8. Extra blankets

Go to Marshall’s and just go crazy! Just kidding, but bring some comfy furry luxurious blankets to make you feel at home. This should not be in place of your sleeping bags but just for extra fluff or warmth if needed.