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Best Podcasts for a Road Trip

Best Podcasts for a Road Trip


Serial has been one of the top podcasts since it first aired. The first season centers around the true murder case of Hae Min Lee and the information and evidence that leads to an arrest.

The second season focuses on Sergeant Bowe Bergdhal and his highly publicized desertion and imprisonment by the Taliban.









Casefile True Crime

If you are a sucker for shows like Dateline and forensic files etc. you’ll love this podcast. If features real, bizarre, and terrible murder cases throughout modern history from multiple countries. They feature episodes about famous cases as well. It includes real first hand audio from investigations. Each episode can vary from 45 min-1.5 hours and some stories have multiple episodes. This is probably my favorite podcast for a long trip!








No sleep

Born from , this is a collection of horror stories that are written by normal everyday people. The show basically takes top stories from the subreddit and narrates them. It really gives life to the stories with the songs, audio, and emotion the narrators add. If you like horror, you’ll love this podcast. Each episode will typically have different narrators so it allows each story to keep its uniqueness.







Stuff you should know

This podcast is consistently a favorite among podcast listeners. The podcast explores the most random and interesting questions you never thought you’d need to know. It covers everything, I mean EVERYTHING. For example: ‘how frogs work’, ‘how personality tests work’, ‘how disco works’….

The podcast stems from the site hence the name of many of their episodes. Really interesting stuff.








Myths & legends

This podcast investigates and narrates different folklore from history. I love this podcast as it sheds light on the origin of many fairytales we have grown to love like Aladdin, little mermaid, and King Arther. You will find that the original stories are far different than their popular counterparts.










Think of Lore as a hybrid between Myths & Legends and No sleep. It is a collection of fictional stories based on legends or lore throughout history from different cultures but it has a dark spin. This podcast is so popular that it is now a Netflix original series!