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Easy Campfire Dinners

Easy Campfire Dinners

You’ve been hiking or swimming at the lake all day and need something quick and easy to eat? These campfire dinner recipes are my favorite for a great hearty meal after a day of activities. 

Steak Kabob Dinner

steak kabob dinner

Meat on a stick, it doesn’t get more primal. Connect with your inner carnivore or make this a healthy vegetarian dish with veggies. If you use wooden kabob sticks just be sure to soak them before putting them on your campfire or over the coals. Marinate them ahead of time for zero prep. Get the recipe here.

Grilled Cheesy Fries

cheesy fries dinner

Sinful dinner full of calories after a lot of exercise? Yes please! Nothing will fill you up better than cheeeeeesy fries. Add your own variation of toppings to spice it up. Carbs are your friend. Recipe.

Vegan BBQ Foil Pack Dinner

vegan dinner

OK, ok. If the last dinner made you feel a little too guilty, here is a healthier alternative. Throw your favorite vegetables and spices into a foil packet for an easy, healthy dinner. And then stare at your friends’ cheesy fries with admiration and jealousy. Recipe here.

Chicken Caesar Wraps

Chicken caeser dinner

Chicken Caesar salad has to be one of the best things created. Putting great things into a tortilla usually works, that’s why this recipe is great! Especially since you can make them ahead of time, just be sure to keep them in a cooler. This one doesn’t require any cooking, just a little prep so you can eat it immediately! I know I am not the only one who is impatient when it comes to eating. Recipe here.

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

chickpea salad dinner

This recipe is one of my favorites just for cuteness factor. Its SO trendy, look at it! But really, using a mason jar to carry an entire meal is a great idea. Make them ahead of time, no prep before eating, hooray! Recipe here.

French Bread Pizza

french bread pizza

This one is super easy! Create your own french bread pizza ahead of time and wrap them in foil. Throw them on your campfire coals for a delicious ooey gooey french bread pizza in 15-20 minutes. Recipe here.